CONTACT Thompson directing rarely produced 'Pericles' in Utah - Kent Thompson

It is an honor to direct the rarely produced PERICLES for the Utah Shakespeare Festival. The show opens at Southern Utah University’s Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre June 24 and runs through Sept. 9.

This production is part of the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s Complete-the-Canon Project, an ongoing initiative since 2012 to produce the entire canon of William Shakespeare’s 38 plays. While some of the bard’s plays are often staged, PERICLES is far more difficult to find — which is why aficionados will appreciate this opportunity and perhaps want to book their tickets to beautiful Cedar City post haste.

The show’s summary:

Pursued by an evil king, Pericles sets sail on an odyssey of romance and spectacle. But dangers face him on every seashore as he drifts from country to country, from year to year, from intrigue to intrigue. His loves die. His friends deceive him. The gods are against him. But, in true storybook fashion, miracles reunite loved ones, bringing joy and safe harbor at last..

A study guide that serves as an educational jumping-off point to understanding and enjoying the play is found here.